Telehealth Guide

We received many questions on how to best approach telehealth. In classic American healthcare fashion, the telehealth landscape is full of opportunity yet totally fragmented. Different payers have rules that change by plan. The rules vary by state and are changing daily. While there are a few broad rules you can follow for some plans,… Continue Reading

UHC Community Plan Will Not Pay Screening nor Counseling Codes with a Preventative Medicine Code

So, please don’t bill a screening or a counseling code with a preventative medicine code for UHC Community Plan. You will have to do it again on a different date of service to get paid for it. Specifically, this includes both initial and periodic preventative medicine evaluation codes (99381-99387, 99391-99397) The screening services that would… Continue Reading

New Patient Queue

We made a new patient queue! We will be rolling it out over the next week. We think it’ll make your life much better and save you lots of clicks. You can now access many parts of the EMR straight from the queue. We welcome your feedback.