Our meaningful use Phase 3 certified EHR will help you spend time caring for patients, not charts.


It’s tough to be a doctor today.

At Claimpower, we believe software should heal, not hurt your practice. With our EHR, you can see everything you need to about a patient with a quick glance. Our EHR can be customized to your workflow in minutes. Full details about our EHR costs can be found here.

  • Free

    We provide our EHR to all of our billing clients for free

  • MIPS Submissions Made Simple

    We personally work with each of our doctors  to ensure they earn maximum payments. We’ll even submit on your behalf.

  • Lab Integrations

    Submit lab orders and see results all in one place.

  • Cross-platform & Cloud-based

    Our cloud-based EHR works on any platform and every device.

  • Custom Templates

    Our software can be customized to your workflow, not the other way around.

  • Voice Enabled

    Connect Dragon to our EHR to make documenting notes a breeze

  • Secure Messaging

    Our platform is built for secure messaging to other doctors and patients.

  • Client Support

    We’re happy to come to your office and teach you everything you need to know about our EHR.

  • Interoperability, Guaranteed

    Since our EHR is Meaningful Use Phase III Certified, you can be sure it will play well with others.

  • Support CCM & TCM

    Our software will empower you to care for your Chronic Care and recently discharged patients

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