End-of-Year Client Survey

As of today, Claimpower’s first annual end-of-year survey is open and accepting your responses. The survey should take you no longer than 5 minutes, and will aid us greatly in our mission to provide you with the best service. We ask that you please complete this survey by Saturday, December 12th. Also, please share this survey with everyone in your office who uses Claimpower. 

As many of you are aware and have no doubt experienced, this year our world was turned upside down… twice. On February 19, Claimpower’s co-founder and CEO Rajeev Thadani passed away. Within a month after his passing, countries all over the world issued shelter-in-place orders to combat the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic.


We would greatly appreciate your feedback to make sure this year’s events have not impacted the quality of our work, and to ensure we continue to provide the best services possible into the future. Setting aside the unusual events of this year, the only reason our software exists is because our clients take an active role in shaping our business and priorities. To continue to improve and serve you, we humbly request your continued partnership and feedback via this survey and through 2021. 

Wishing you all a safe and joyous holiday season, and a happy new year!