How to Do Depression & Alcohol Screenings

Payers recently started covering Depression and Alcohol screenings. All Primary Care Providers should be conducting these screenings.

These are one of the simplest ways to “care for the whole patient.” They pay between $15 – $20 and can be conducted every twelve months. To make things easy, we’ve built these directly into our EHR.

If you’re not already doing these screenings, see below to learn how to get started.

First, you need to make sure that screenings are enabled in your EHR. To do this, navigate to the settings page from the main login page. From here, hit preferences and go into global preferences. Scroll down and you’ll see this “enable screenings” checkbox. Click it.

Once the screenings are enabled, you can access them in one of two ways. Note: the screenings are abbreviated as “AHL” and “PHQ.”

From the Patient Summary Screen:

Or from a Patient Chart:

Once you open the screening, this questionnaire will open for the patient. We also have an iPad version of this that can be given directly to the patient! Please contact us if you’re interested in using it.

After the questionnaire is complete, make sure to fill out the “For Office Use Only” section of the questionnaire and sign it off.