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All services necessary to maximize your collections are offered in this option. The database and software will be installed in your office, and will remain under your complete control during your working hours. At the end of your day, you will need to run the Shut Down routine to send us your database and documents, so we can perform the tasks you have elected to have us do. The flexibility offered by this solution enables you to choose which tasks you want to outsource and which ones you want to do yourself by utilizing your existing staff. However, this option does require that you perform some tasks yourself. Please see the Services page for a detailed list of services.

Total Data control – Software and database reside in your office
Deal only with exceptions. We do all of the tedious tasks.
State of the art software suite included
Enhancements and support of your software included
Seamless integration with our processing center for overnight processing
Leverage your own resources and reduce your charge
Pay only for the services you use

Turn Around Time
Overnight processing of your work.

Data Access
Total control of your data. Data and software located in your office
Software can be used to perform all billing functions and run all reports

Your Minimum Responsibility
Scanning of your billing and payment documents
Responding to your patient billing inquiries
Actions on ‘Zero’ payments
Appeals on incorrectly denied claims
Handling exceptions resulting from incomplete or inconsistent information or unreadable documents

Your Resource Requirements
10 hours per week for every $40,000 in monthly collections, in the most efficient configuration for this service, where you do all of the tasks on the services page, indicated in this color, and we do all the tasks indicated in this color.

Software and Hardware
Comprehensive software suite included. Allows you to perform all billing functions, schedule patients, access your data from anywhere, and seamlessly integrate with our processing center for overnight processing of your work
Server and Scanner included

Transition Time to Claimpower
3 weeks If you do not want us to convert any existing data
3 – 4 weeks If we convert data from your existing software


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