November Software Update

Creating charts with future date of service: 

Hurray...!!  It is now possible to create charts from the scheduler for future dates of service. This can help you close Gaps in Care before the patient comes in for their appointment. All you need to do is hit the green “Create Chart” button from the scheduler.


Upload Files directly to e-fax queue:

Our eFax queue can act as a central way to organize all the assorted papers coming into your office. Follow these instructions to upload things right to this screen.

Once we add files, we need to select the option “eFax”

Once we upload the files, it will get into the eFax queue.

Failed Eligibility Upload PDF feature:

Problems are part of life. One problem we cannot escape is bad insurance company APIs which sometimes result in incorrect failed eligibility checks. While we can’t escape problems, we can build workflows to deal with them.

The failed eligibility check records now have an option to upload documents from insurance company websites that override the red error and turn the eligibility check button green.

After you upload a “valid” document, the eligibility record will show green all over the EMR.

If the insurance company website shows the plan is invalid, you can upload it as “invalid” and the eligibility button will still show as red.