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Services Offered
Data entry of Billing and Demographics If you send us your billing via scanning, fax or paper.
Coding of your Procedures and Diagnosis If you send us your billing via scanning, fax or paper.
Proofreading for accuracy Unique Feature. All manual data entry is proofread to ensure accuracy.
Quality Control to ensure claims meet insurance company edits Unique Feature. All claims are scrubbed by our proprietary Claim Scrubber ensuring only clean claims are submitted.
Linking of Billing and Demographic documents to data entry rows Unique Feature. This is done even if you do not use our MU Certified EMR. This removes all doubts about whether we did the data entry correctly, since you can click and see the original documents used.
DAILY Electronic Claim Submissions of all clean claims We submit directly to many insurances, including Medicare. Since we minimize the use of a third party Clearing House, your claims are paid much faster. Clean claims are submitted DAILY.
Monitoring of Submission Reports and actions thereon Every Electronic claim is tracked to ensure it made it to the insurance company. If not acknowledged within 5 days, necessary actions are taken.
Printing, and mailing of Primary Paper claims where necessary There are still some smaller insurance companies (MVA, workers comp and some Locals) to whom claims have to be sent on paper. This is also done DAILY.
Electronic posting of ERAs We get all ERAs and electronically post them DAILY. The electronic posting is then scrubbed and Quality Controlled to ensure accuracy. Unique Feature - All ERAs are converted to a Human Readable format and linked to the Payment Posting for instant viewing. This removes any doubt if posting was done accurately.
Manual Posting of Payments and Adjustments For payments where we do not get ERAs, like from smaller insurances and patient payments. Unique Feature - All paper EOBs and patient payment stubs are linked to the Payment Posting for instant viewing. This removes any doubt if posting was done accurately.
Proofreading and Quality Control for accuracy Unique Feature. All Manual payment posting is proofread for accuracy.
Un-responded claims follow up Submitted claims which do not have a response from the insurance within 30 days are called on, and necessary actions taken.
Appropriate actions on 'Zero' Payments Denials and 'Zero' payment responses are followed up and necessary actions taken.
Electronic submissions of Secondary claims Secondary balances are tracked and submitted electronically if not 'crossed-over', to those insurances who accept electronic secondary claims.
Printing, Folding, Stuffing and Mailing of Secondary claims with primary EOBs Secondary balances are tracked and submitted on paper if not 'crossed-over', to those insurances who do not accept electronic secondary claims.
Printing, and Mailing of Patient Bills with 'soft' collection notices Patient statements are sent out DAILY for new patient balances, with no more than one statement per month to a patient.
Soft Collection Patient Reminder calls Unique Feature . Depending on client preferences, all patients with unpaid balances receive TWO 'soft collection' phone calls reminding them of their outstanding balance.
Responding to patient billing inquiries Patient statements and reminder phone calls have our phone number on them, and we answer your patient balance inquiries.
Aging Report processing Aging reports are processed regularly to ensure that Insurance Balances do not age for more than 45-60 days.
Denied Claims Appeals One of our most important tasks. We appeal your incorrectly denied claims.
Support and Enhancements to your software If you use our EMR r other software, it is fully supported and all enhancements are delivered directly to you as when released.
Scanning of your Billing and Payment documents If you still insist on mailing us paper or require a physical pick-up we will scan your paper for you before data entry is done.
MU Certified EMR Unique Feature. For full service clients there is no Installation, Setup or monthly fee for our EMR. The EMR is web based, iPad and iPhone compatible, and offers you 24/7 secure access to all your patient Medical Records from anywhere.
Appointment Reminder Calls Unique Feature. If you use our Patient Scheduler, we can make automated appointment reminder calls to your patients. These calls can be made in the preferred language of the patient.
Transparent 24/7 access to your billing data Unique Feature. All your billing data is accessible to you 24/7 at our secure web site. The web site allows you to run all practice management reports and gives you detailed access to all patient billing records, allowing you to constantly monitor our performance.
Daily Backup of your data and scanned documents Your data and documents are backed up daily at multiple locations.
Data Security and Uptime Our virtual redundant Servers are located in one of the most network rich, interconnected colocation centers in the New York City metro area. This data center is outside the 100 year flood plain, in Seismic Zone 0, and effectively guarantees 100% uptime for power and internet. To locate our servers at this facility is expensive. We do this because we take our responsibility to secure your data and offer you continuous 24/7 access, very seriously. We were totally unaffected by the recent Superstorm Sandy.


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