Telehealth Billing- Made Easy!

We’re forever moving fast and building updated tools to make things easier for you. We put together this new telehealth process to streamline your documentation and billing. This is for the 99421-99423 codes where a video component is not required. Use these codes when you do not video chat with the patient. These codes represent cumulative time spent over a 7 day period and cannot be billed within 7 days of a standard E&M. Remember, these codes can only be billed for established patients and the conversation must be patient-initiated.  Here’s how it works:

First, search the patient using “Lookup Medical Records”

Then, open the notes screen for the patient. You can access this same notes module from the patient summary screen.

From here, navigate to the level of Digital E&M you’d like to bill. The screen will default to 5-10 minutes. Choose the date you’re billing for. Make sure to include the following points in your note:

  • Start and End Time

  • Patient Consent

  • Chief Complaint

  • Medical Advice Given

After you’ve documented, you must choose the Dx codes you’d like to bill. Hit the ‘Problems’ button to open this screen.

Choose the “Sign Off” button and the note will get signed off and saved to the patient record as a “Digital E&M.” A billing record from your conversation will automatically get generated and load into the Unsent Billing screen.

If you’re been reading closely, you’ll recall that the code descriptions of 99421-99423 have a grey area that states, “On-line medical evaluation services are non-face-to-face encounters originating from the established patient to the physician or other qualified health care professional for evaluation or management of a problem utilizing internet resources.

We are close to releasing an update to our texting platform that will allow patients to send their inquiries directly to your EMR. We’ve got a few ideas on how to best use this tool to assuage patient concerns and drive revenue. Please reach out if you’re interested in testing out.

Finally, we’ve also added new buttons to your chart templates to streamline your billing when you do video chat with a patient:

  • We added “Video – Patient Consent” buttons to your Chief Complaint

  • We added buttons to document time spent during your virtual visits to your Plan. When doing a televisit, you must document time spent to justify the level of the visit

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of this, our Telehealth Guide includes a lot more detail on the different approaches you can take to telehealth billing.