New Provider and User forms

We made a great addition to the EMR you already love! We think it’ll make your life a whole lot easier and save you a bunch of emails.

If you already use Claimpower EHR and want to add new users or providers to your account, you’ll need to complete and submit the forms below.

To add a new provider/ user to your practice, existing users will need to create a request on the portal. Be sure to view the following steps for more details.


Step 1: Log in to the Claimpower portal, select the “Settings” option under the hamburger menu.


Step 2: Select the “New Login Request” tab



Step 3: A window should open with the two options. “New Provider” and “New User” as seen below.


Step 4: If your practice has enrolled a new provider and would like to notify us to add them to your practice, please select the “NEW PROVIDER” tab and fill out the fields below. Please note to fill out all the mandatory fields before you hit send. Coincidentally, if you would like Claimpower to credential the provider, please select the appropriate option. (Kindly note that credentialing is a different process on its own and depending upon the current credentialing status of the provider and practice, has a different timeframe.) Please be aware that we need new provider requests 48 hours in advance to appropriately QA the accounts.


Step 5:  If your practice has employed a new staff member who would require their own login credentials to access the practice’s profile, please select the “NEW USER” tab. Please make sure to fill out all mandatory fields before you hit send.


Please email our Client Support team at or call/ text us at 201-345-3595 if you need help.